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人与自然和谐相处 人与自然的互动的部队。 展望沿着历史长河的时候,我们可能会发现曾经存在人与自然之间的和谐。本站今天为大家精心准备了人与自然的关系英语作文,希望对大家有所帮助!


  We often say that the earth is our homeland and human society comes from nature.Therefore,I think our society is a part of nature. People should live harmoniously with nature.All the materials we need to live with come from nature, but we should also repay the nature, rather than blindly solicit.For example, we should plant more trees and take actions to protect the environment.In addition, we have to control population.Due to excessive population growth, human beings require much more natural resources than before, which lead to excessive pressure on nature.In order to long-term development, the population growth must be controlled.We all come from nature which is our homeland, so we must try best to protect it.



  The beauty of nature is like a magician. To daub on light green, spring to summer with a dark green, and, with dazzling aureate autumn to winter again put on a white coat; Ding-dong of the spring water gently singing tune, spectacular sea in rhythm, those little the singer with the wind also show up their indirect voice; Beautiful picture of nature is the blue sky white clouds, green hills and water, flowers, quiet mountains...

  What a sight!

  However, such a view, so beautiful, because human desire is don't have much, everywhere is named "tall buildings" tree; Flow of the river is called "car" of water droplets; Beautiful mountain "has been renamed as" factory "; Beautiful blue sky white clouds seemed to fit the nobility, clothed in black.

  Oh my god ~! The beauty of the earth's natural villages? Where is she? Oh, she is still there, just for old face... These, is she the children are making! The human and the nature can't coexist? As long as we are taking the path of sustainable development, mother nature will not be ill-treated in human ~! But now? Human unchecked, makes the natural mother scarred, also sped up the earth's resources to reduce...

  Stupid human ah, you really are in knowingly ah ~! Preached that environmental protection, and increase the demand, this is the face of love your mother? Action! Action! With the practical action to implement environmental protection, for future generations point f!!!!!







  Man is the product of nature, people rely on natural and survival, it is known. In the process of survival and development, people should live in harmony with nature. But now, due to the expansion of the population, especially the human greed, unchecked for the nature, nature is badly damage, polluted water, reducing the green, gone part of the life, even threatening the survival of mankind itself.

  Man is closely related to nature. The survival is dependent on natural resources. Drinking water. Heating of coal. The burning oil. Cooking gas... Notting have is not directly or indirectly derived from natural sources.  Earth resources rich again, also have to do. Therefore, the human to the use of natural resources, especially non-renewable resources, must be reasonable exploitation, effective use, to protect natural resources, the parched and fishing, kill the limited horizon, just drink my thirsty, ultimately hurt will be human beings, between human and natural resources, should find a way of sustainable, to protect the natural resources.

  Should be in harmony between human and nature, and has been recognized by more and more people, accept and to practice, why want to harmony, this the truth clearly, intensive land for human beings with nature, nature will revenge on human, it has to be embodied from many natural disasters.

  Since many people praise, drunk and linger in the midst of them, with their spiritual pen, writing a succession of good poems. These, how many people have made amazing! Love nature, into the natural. Close to nature. Natural writing, it will be your best choice.







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