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  A life without a friend is a life without a sun. Friendship is one of the most important things in everyone"s life.
  Friends are who changes your life just by being a part of it, who makes you believe that there really is good in the world, who convinces you that there really is an unlock door just waiting for you to open it.
  When you’re down, friends lift you up. When you lose your way, friends guide you and cheer you on.
  So cherish your friend,
  Do not save your loving speeches, for your friends till they are dead
  Do not write them on their tombstones, speak them rather now instead


  Friendship is indispensable to people"s life. A man without friends is an angel without wings, whose life will suffer in the long tolerance of loneliness and depression. Friendship is the mother of our psyche, who"ll warm her kid when hurt occurs. We have much to share with our friends in life, perplexity, excitement, bitterness etc. Alas, it"s magnificent to maintain a genuine friendship.
  友谊对人的生活是不可缺少的。 没有朋友的一个人是天使没有翼,生活在寂寞和消沉长的容忍将遭受。 友谊是我们的灵魂的母亲,将温暖她的孩子,当创伤发生时。 我们在生活、困惑、兴奋,冤苦等有分享与我们的朋友。 呀,它是壮观的维护一个纯友情。
  It takes many special qualities to make a friend. Understanding should come first. Only when we get a better understanding of each other can we gain an authentic and meaningful friendship. We may find our hobbies of common interests. This feeling of affinity gets us closer and closer.
  它采取许多特别质量交朋友。 理解应该首先来。 只有当我们得到时更好的理解对彼此能我们获取地道和意味深长的友谊。 我们也许发现共同利益我们的爱好。 亲合力的这种感觉得到我们更加接近和更加紧密。
  It also takes a special kind of love that seems to know no end. Never hesitate to show your heartfelt care and kindness to your friend when he/she is in trouble. Love is not selfish. Love is endowed by God that we should treasure all our life.
  它也采取不似乎知道末端的一特别爱。 当他或她是在麻烦时,不要犹豫显示您的衷心关心和仁慈对您的朋友。 爱不是自私的。 爱由God资助我们应该珍惜所有我们的生活
  Tolerance is the third essential part in friendship. We are absolutely different persons. This individual distinction may cause conflict between us in every aspect of our life. Don"t immerse ourself in this infliction too long. Try to tolerant his/her in an introspective mood. Saints are not perfect, let alone those ordinary people like us. Afterwards, we should get a good communication. Never shy to confess.
  容忍是第三个主要部分在友谊。 我们是绝对不同的人。 这单独分别在我们的生活的每个方面也许导致冲突在我们之间。 太长期不要浸没ourself在这处罚。 尝试对宽容他/她一种内省的心情。 圣徒不是完善的,更不用说那些普通人象我们。 之后,我们应该得到好通信。 不要避开交代。
  Understanding, love and tolerance are the first three essences that comes to an authentic friendship. Other qualities are also concerned such as thoughtfulness, trust and patience. Remember, friendship is your psyche"s guard, treasure it
  来到地道友谊的理解、爱和容忍是前三精华。 其他质量也有关例如有思想性、信任和耐心。 记住,友谊是您的灵魂的卫兵,珍惜它


  Some people say that friendship wind, like a cloud, as the years pass, it will slowly fade away.
  Others said, the friendship, however, such as the sea, and through the test of time, it will become deeper and more heavy.
  Friendship is an intimate friendship, help each other to develop ideas, to success; And give a person with aggravation of hope and strength, add to the warmth of life.
  As the growth of the age, I gradually found that interpersonal relationship is very complicated. Whenever meet embarrassing, I always want to a problem: friendship really can forever?
  Some people, the mouth moment to say: "for the sake of friendship can sacrifice everything." But quite differ to do and say. He is narrow-minded, once a friend gave him a joke, or where is misunderstood, will be opposite.
  True friendship is hard-won, so need more understanding between friends and love, let us common cultivation of the flower of friendship! Irrigation it with pure soul, it with warm sunshine, let the friendship forever.
  Everyone has his own think is the most precious thing: some people think that the most precious friendship; While some people believe that honesty is the most precious; Also some people think that the care of others is the most precious... But in my opinion, friendship is the most precious thing, anything also can"t replace it.
  On my birthday, my good friend Lin Lin came to me to her home to play. On the way to her, I secretly complacent: ha ha, she must know today is my birthday, so invite me to her home to play, then sing a "happy birthday" to me this song, and then gave me many nice present, and then share with me a big birthday cake, send you a message, be happy after the birthday... I still asleep in the middle of the "dream", was broken by a soul.but about beats to: "I wish you a happy birthday, Lin Lin!" When I heard those words, I suddenly thought of Lin Lin"s birthday and I are on the same day. Well, it doesn"t seem that they are likely to celebrate my birthday.
  I looked at their pleasure, the in the mind very sad, I didn"t think you don"t care my birthday, only care about Lin Lin"s birthday. I opened the Lin Lin"s door, is preparing to leave, heard the sound of a lily: "the gift, wait!" My heart is a pleased, they prepare to give me a birthday present? I decide to wait. But wait until 4 o "clock in the afternoon, also see them to celebrate my birthday.
  I despair, such as after their good Lin Lin"s birthday, I said also don"t say left. That is, the house came the lily cries: "of course! The best program is left to the last! Now, let"s celebrate the gift of birthday!" At that time, my hands appeared many fine gifts, they give me through a happy birthday.
  Since then, I know what is the most precious in the world: friendship.
  There is a kind of friendship is a friend to give you encouragement, there"s a friendship is convinced that everyone of you and a friendship is to help others to you. Friendship is to support our hearts of optimus prime, and let me know how important friendship is.
  "Shout, shout, shout." Winds and get every tree all in all, the clouds sent to do a "golden bean" bump on the ground. A bolt of lightning like a sword cut the purple dark sky, make me feel creepy. Jingle bell, the school bell has begun, the students with colourful umbrella with parents happily out of school. I think again: my mother told me she couldn"t pick me up in the afternoon at noon and told me to his home, thought of here I took my umbrella to block rain to go home. But I put the bag upside down and still have not found a shade of an umbrella. I dull to look at the sky the thunder is rumbling thinking thought again: hurry to clear up! But to no avail, is really should not every day, pray to work! At this time a clear sound broke the silence, "Xie Yujie, didn"t you carry an umbrella? You and me together and go home." My classmate said amiable, I embarrassed agreed. His umbrella on the way home has been on my side, the beans of rain straight into his, almost home his clothes wet a large, but he does not care. Returned home after the moving moment thought of here I can"t help but recall tearful buccal.
  Ah! I finally know, this friendship has given me much help! The friendship gave me a warm, a little help, and trust. Let me understand how important friendship is ah!